2 thoughts on “Literary Hierarchies in Fiction

  1. Written in the days when trump was still a verb…

    I have just finished reading your novel, Daniel, purchased at the QWF Pop-up sale in Montreal this December (from Linda Leith herself) and wanted to let you know I enjoyed it very much. I liked the voices in the novel and the inner workings of Canadian politics – so realistic that I kept googling to see if I could figure out the composite. (I couldn’t.) I also liked seeing the window into Eli’s life at home and how he viewed his wife viewing him.

    I have given it to my brother-in-law for Christmas, who does not tend to read novels but who is very much a reader. We’ll see. My sister is still working on my husband with the likes of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography. We’ll see about that too.


    1. Kate,

      Thanks for buying the book and giving it to your brother-in-law for Christmas. I’m very glad you enjoyed it and I hope your brother-in-law does too. I wrote the book in part for men who like to read but not usually fiction.

      And yes the composites…a mix of political figures and people outside politics…

      Thanks for taking the time to write.




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