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I am pleased to share that my second novel, The Art of Being Lewis, will be released in March 2019 by Cormorant Books. It’s a darkly comic story about whether one man can come to terms with his past and find the courage to become who he was meant to be…


The striking cover art is by Angel John Guerra, my favourite book cover designer. Stay tuned for more as we approach the publication date.

But in the meantime, here’s what three of my favourite writers are saying about the book:

“Daniel Goodwin’s The Art of Being Lewis is a smart, funny and warmhearted novel in the spirit and lineage of Mordecai Richler.”

– David Bezmozgis, author of The Betrayers and Natasha and Other Stories

“Daniel Goodwin’s poetry and novels are always filled with deep insights into the confused state of modern masculinity. The Art of Being Lewis is his best work so far: a sad, hilarious, philosophical novel that blends fine writing and forward momentum. You will think about Lewis, his humiliations and regular triumphs, before falling asleep at night (if you can stop to turn out the light).”

Todd Babiak, author of Come Barbarians and Son of France

“Imagine if, one fine day, your meticulously structured world fell apart. For Lewis Morton, a successful architect, it’s as if one of his buildings has collapsed over his head, burying in the rubble his sense of purpose and even his sanity. In this insightful, well-crafted and warm-hearted novel, Daniel Goodwin shows us that the materials upon which we build our lives should include the tricky yet essential blend of steel and imagination. This is that essential story of how to build a house that can properly be called a home.”

– David Layton, author of The Dictator.


Other books:

My first novel Sons and Fathers was described by novelist Terry Fallis as “a wild, page-turning ride through a harrowing collision of family, friendship, politics, and love.”

I like to think of Sons and Fathers as a novel for men who don’t read fiction and the women who love them.

Writing in The Malahat Review, Michael Greenstein called my first poetry collection, Catullus’s Soldiers, “Allusive yet accessible.”

For me, Catullus’s Soldiers is a book of poems for people who didn’t know they liked poetry.

Read my latest blog post: The butler and the organ donor.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dan,
    I loved your Lewis, your poetry(got a real kick out of your modernized biblical stories), and eagerly anticipating your Goldbergs ( our namesake),
    your old bro,


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