Why men don’t read fiction, but should: Part 2

In my last post, I wrote about the many reasons men don’t read fiction. For many men it comes down to one reason: they believe they can learn more from a work of non-fiction than from a novel, which, as we all know, is made up.

So, as a sort of public service announcement dedicated to all fictionally-challenged men, I offer not just one but twenty-five reasons why men should read fiction.

To entice men to crack open a novel and to prove they can actually learn many essential things from reading a made-up story, here’s my list of the top 25 sometimes painful but always manly and very useful things men can learn from fiction. (Okay, from reading my novel Sons and Fathers.)

The top 25 things men can learn from reading Sons and Fathers:

  1. How to woo your future wife
  2. How to start your career and land your dream job
  3. How to be a best friend
  4. How to support your wife while she gives birth
  5. How to give a speech
  6. How to cope with getting a vasectomy
  7. How to swear
  8. How to be a good son
  9. How to win a gunfight when you’re grossly outnumbered
  10. How to manage your time most effectively
  11. How to look your best on TV
  12. How to stave off aging and stay in shape
  13. How to cope with working in an open office environment
  14. How to deal with rejection
  15. How to make stuff up
  16. How to win (an election, a chess game, at life, whatever)
  17. How to master social media
  18. How to be a great leader/and hire the best people
  19. How to conduct yourself if you ever find yourself in a book club
  20. Where to urinate publicly in Rome
  21. How to manage a crisis
  22. How to deal with the death of your father
  23. How to apologize (publicly if you have to)
  24. How to make, and keep, a vow
  25. How to write a book

Sons and Fathers offers practical, easy-to-follow tips on all of the above!

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